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Translink Travel Challenge

Participating in the Translink Eco-Schools Travel Challenge is a means for schools to cover the Transport topic, which will then contribute to their overall Eco-Schools award assessment.
The challenge involves school class/bubbles participation over a two week period to monitor pupil travel patterns to and from school
Pupils are encouraged to use more sustainable travel modes – mainly walk/cycle/bus/train – instead of car travel.

Challenge Aims:

  • Assist schools in achieving the Eco-Schools Green Flag award.
  • Raise awareness on the impact of transport on the environment.
  • Demonstrate the benefits of choosing sustainable transport modes.
  • Stimulate action in terms of more sustainable transport use, including public transport.
  • Decrease the negative impact of car congestion at school gates.
  • Strengthen links between the local community and Translink – schools, teachers, pupils and parents as well as other local key stakeholders.
  • Encourage people to use local public transport services (following the current safety rules).

 Translink / Eco-Schools Support

Translink wants to grow school participation in the Travel Challenge across Northern Ireland and support the Eco-Schools Programme in the Travel topic. 

Resource Development
  • Translink has produced a large visual classroom wall chart and online survey materials in which pupils monitor how they travel to school every morning and afternoon during the two week challenge.
  • In the survey or chart, pupils are also able to mark their old travel routine so they can compare it with their routine during the challenge and hopefully see improvement in terms of sustainable journeys made.
  • Survey/chart completion instructions for teachers (see the toolkit)
  • Dedicated Eco-Schools online section on Translink website – www.translink.co.uk/ecoschools
  • Schools can register online for the challenge (visit your School Zone and enter the Year Planner with the list of all available projects and registrations)
  • Key Stage 1, 2 and 3 resources for teachers to download and print from the website.
  • Posters for schools to display.
  • Letters for schools to send to parents about the Challenge (see the toolkit).
  • Teacher’s tips and best practice examples (see the toolkit).
  • Stickers for all participants.
  • Winner & participant certificates.
To register and receive your teacher toolkit email