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Reset Earth: Apollo’s Edition Education Portal

The United Nations Environment Programme are excited to launca simulator game and avatar using the latest software technology. Apollo’s Edition is the latest addition to the Reset Earth education platform. Targeting 13-18-year-olds, the free online education material developed provides educators with resources to teach students the importance of environmental protection.   

 Increasing awareness among the climate champions of the future to Reset Earth

Apollo’s Edition is the latest addition to the Reset Earth education platform, complementing the Reset Earth animation, mobile game app and lesson plans for tweens. While the ozone layer is on a path to recovery by mid-century thanks to the efforts of the Montreal Protocol, the successes achieved so far could easily be undone. Which is why we need to teach the next generation the importance of environmental protection using innovative technology and tools to create content that will inspire our future environment champions. 

 Avatar in the Metaverse

Cutting-edge motion capture technology brought the new Reset Earth character, Apollo, to life. To create a strong connection between the character and the audience, a live actor's body movements and facial expressions were captured by a motion-capture suit for a truly human portrayal of body language and facial expression captured on video

Students become the decision makers 

To bring an additional new dimension to learning, the Reset Earth Impact Simulator game was created which puts students in the hot seat. As decision makers, they get to decide on four possible policy directions, all of which have specific outcomes documented and visualised by the game. Based on their understanding of the ozone layer, its function and importance, they can determine the future and see the direct effects their choices have on the environment, society, the economy and the health of the ozone layer.