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Global Action Days

Each year, the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) runs the international Global Action Days movement to demonstrate how individual actions, no matter how small they seem, can greatly impact our own and our Earth’s well-being. 

Schools from all over the world are invited to join in! If you are interested in taking part of this year's events, accessing resources and getting your schools participation certificate, click the registration link below. 

Global Action Days 2024 

Monday 22nd April - Friday 3rd May 


Global Actions Days 2024

This year nearly 400,000 people, from 114 countries have already registered to take part. If you want to be part of this global movement and get climate ready, you can take action in your school as part of the Global Action Days campaign right now.

Participating in Global Action Days

One way to make a positive impact and tackle the climate emergency is to share the actions that you complete during the Climate Ready - Global Action Days. Every small action helps! 

To help motivate and inspire others to take climate action, after completing each task we ask you to share photos and comments online using the hashtags #MyActionsMatter #GlobalActionDays and #GreeningEducation.

You can even register now and continue your workshops and projects over the coming weeks.

The following are themes and activities recommended by FEE for this year's events. You don't need to complete every action listed below, but every action matters. Head to the FEE website to find out more, access your resources and get started on your Global Actions Days journey!  Learn more here.

Overview of Global Action Days 2024 themes and activities 

Activity 1  
Climate Ready through Bioeconomy
When we think of bioeconomy, we think of creating a sustainable economy that is based on renewable materials, reusing, and reducing waste and circularity.

Activity 2 
Climate Ready through Food
This Global Action Day challenge creates better understanding of how environmental, social, and individual factors affect people’s food choices for healthier and more sustainable dietary behaviour.
Activity 3 
Climate Ready through Circular Economy
Engage and educate students on the issue of waste and encourage them to make choices that will reduce their impact on the environment and conserve resources.

Activity 4 
Climate Ready in Changing Weather
This Global Action Day challenge aims to equip learners with the understanding and skills to effectively prepare for and mitigate the impacts of climate change wherever they are. 

Activity 5 
Climate Ready through Ecosystems Restoration
 Migratory birds are an indicator species for habitat health and depend on our international collaboration and a coordinated effort to aid their conservation. This topic will engage on the subject of biodiversity decline and threats.

View our Global action Days - Quick Guide for Teachers